Happiness is...

I find it only fitting that on my 40th birthday, I finally dive into the blogosphere. I've pranced around the edge of the pool for long enough, dipping my toes in just enough to know it's enticing and something that I want to add to my life. And then the mature, analytical side of me tells me that I'll have no time to fit "this" in to my current life; not while juggling a crazy job, a toddler, a husband, a household, and probably a dozen well-loved hobbies.

So I tip my hat to Shannon, Cindy, Karen, Soule Mama, Kelle, & Nici for taunting me to the edge. And here's to sticking my tongue out at maturity; officially I'm flipping it off.

I hope the adventure surprises me and takes my breath away and makes me want to run out and jump in again and again. And on that note, what's your happiness today?

Happiness is being cool with turning 40.