"Yesternight" is Alex's newest addition to the English Language. Chew on that, Mrs. Palin. And Yesternight I took Alex Ice Skating for the first time. Outside of the 20 degree weather, I was very excited - not as excited as I was for her birth - but for an ex-skater, I have dreamed of this moment before she was conceived.

It took Alex less than 5 minutes to toddle around the locker room by herself without twisting, tripping, or dropping like a wet noodle. (strong ankles? check.)

And once we got out on the ice, she did it. Sort of. I realized that I am parentally biased, but I was beaming with pride. She laughed, giggled at any bit of speed, and kicked her toes up in the air with glee.

After 35 minutes and one Zamboni pass, Alex was finished. And after 35 minutes of squatting to spare my back, my thighs and rump were pretty much toast too.

Post skating adventures in the lodge proved more exciting than the rink. Seriously, why does a child need a toy with batteries when there are 100 lockers at her disposal?

Happiness is...savoring the little moments with my little girl.


Bending and Flexing

The word Reflection comes from the latin word to bend back. And 2010 was a year of a change in tide, of bending and flexing, and of motioning towards a balance that I truly craved.

Ever since Alex's birth, there has been a severe imbalance between work and life. The new responsibilities that ensued from a merger devoured both my time and my energy. A 60 hour work week became the norm, and I found myself drowning in my need to do it all. My problem was obvious: I cared too much. My solution: to hit wall and then focus on the pieces that mean most to me - my child, my family, my friends, and my life. Noted, but easier said than done.

So 2010 became the year of the dichotomy - I aimed to restore serenity while at the same time, expanding my mad cake designing skills. I wanted to master fondant and 3D designs, and here are some examples of what I was able to accomplish.

First, Rice Krispies can be molded into anything you wish

Fondant is NOT forgiving (but thank God I just had enough to finish Alex's cake!)

Make a (small) cake for a friend just for practice sake

Have fun and think outside of the (cake) box

Take a chance and step outside of your comfort zone.

And if you're left wondering, I found balance. I care less and yet I care more. And I will never forget the importance of living in today and for today.



The Christmas holiday came and went like a freight train. Seems that every year there is an endless rush to finish projects including:



and wrapping.

And of course, all of these tasks must be completed before you can sit down and take it all in, one breath at a time (I am fully aware that you can take it in while being in a constant state of motion, but sometimes you just need to sit still). I do realize that "Elfing" puts additional stress on me, but it's worth it when I'm making gifts for children...they just seem so grateful.

When Christmas finally arrived, it was worth every last minute of lost sleep. Alex understood the concept of Christmas more so this year, and enjoyed receiving her new Nativity set a day at a time over the Advent season. But at 2 1/2, she also understood that in her world, Santa is something to be admired from afar. Yes, we can set out Milk and cookies for the big man (she chose the dog bone shaped ones for him, which were her personal favorite) and carrots for the reindeer; but God forbid if I expected her to sit on his lap for the much anticipated shot of the season. As Yukon Cornelius would say, "Nothing."

My favorite moments linger around her singing carols, taking on "Angels We Have Heard on High" as her favorite of the season. In all honesty, her excitement and sheer innocence made me savor each moment, like sucking warm pudding from a spoon.

Also, spending Christmas night with our family all huddled into the Living room to sing carols supported by live music (thank you Sarah, Hannah, Will, & Ben) made me appreciate the efforts placed into the details and our greater need to share the experience together.

I am grateful. I am humbled. Mostly I am in love.