Key to a Celebration

Around Alex's birthday, we had the opportunity as a family to travel to the Florida Keys to celebrate a friend's wedding.  As a gardener, I was amazed at variety of flora.  

I still can't get over Coconuts dangling from above.  I was in horticultural culture shock.

We stayed in a resort in Key Largo and had little reason to leave the premises. Beaches, pools, hammocks. Yeah baby.

Alex couldn't get enough of hunting for little salamanders.  

And as you can imagine, we spent plenty of time on the beach.

Looking for sea treasures.

Tossing coconuts in the water.

Discovering new games
Anyone know the name of this game?  And to confirm, Alex did pelt me right in the camera.
Daddy and the girl.  I love the freedom resulting from her maturity and now I enjoy watching their bond weave tighter.   

As for the wedding, it was beautiful moment for Nate & Sherri.  (I will admit though that I'm glad that I wasn't wearing a long, hot, fancy dress.  Phew!).  And speaking of dresses, may I introduce the handmade Wendy Darling dress - Alex's one request for her birthday.
Dress made in 5 sleepless evenings. Watch Alex showing-off it's range of motion.

The post ceremony cocktail hour outside with a setting sun, dancing, and a steel band got the night off on the right note.

That evening, Alex found her inner party animal.

The resident preschoolers danced like waves on the ocean.  
So this is what happens when you forget your flash and try to capture a speeding child…ghost-like images!
I sat on the edge of the dance floor and said "boo" over and over to 6 kids as they ran and giggled in circles.  I was the light. They were the silly moths encircling me.

And this is what a party animal looks like the next morning.  Please no paparazzi. 

We spent the remaining time in Florida, driving through the Keys but never quite making it down to Key West.  We are savoring that moment for a future family adventure.
View of the 7 mile bridge from our table at the Sunset Grill. 

And the best celebration yet was a birthday (and a birth day).  Yes, we invited unicorns to the event and even landed a Mickey Mouse pancake. All because she is 3. I never expected her to be such a person at a young age.  I am fascinated by her maturity and thoughts. And I still savor the moment that I became her mother.


“I want a life that sizzles and pops and makes me laugh out loud...and I want my everyday to make God belly laugh, glad that he gave life to someone who loves the gift." - Shauna Niequist 

Snap. Crackle. Pop. I'm loving it.


Tea for Two

Our decision how to live, how to raise our kids, how to feed our family is a personal conscious activity. Sometimes I get caught up in details and simplicity morphs into a complicated web that snags and frustrates me.  I earnestly remind myself everyday to KISS life…keep is simple silly.  How kids seem to emulate this concept the best.

How about starting with tea for two?

Our full-hearted neighbor Zach begged his mom to host a tea party for Alex on a Sunday afternoon.  I think Zach loves that Alex is finally old enough to keep up with him.

Zach gave her the red carpet treatment.  Rainbow silk, tea cups, dragon tea pot.

She in turn came dressed for the occasion.
May I have a cup with a side of fairy dust?

I love that life can be this simple.  And joy is present without the use of batteries. Thank you Zach.  I love your big heart.



She is three.

It seems that just yesterday she was days old. Oh how I swim in sweetness while time pushes forward.

I will forever be grateful that she's the one who made me a Mama, who taught me to slow down, who made me savor each bite of life even more. 

 The one who will forever be the first.  My angel. My Budda Baby.  My lollipop.  

A belated post to wish my sweet child a happy birthday. I love you more that the sun and the sky, the stars and the moon, and chocolate and cake. xo