And suddenly my little girl is 4. 

Count those fingers.  She's so big, yet still so small.  Tucked under our wings, but someday I know that Alex will be ready to soar. She's Innocent and full of stories and possesses the largest imagination.  And oh Alex is so loving.  I need to bottle her to up to remember the intensity of her love.  It's pure and meaningful. And I'll need to open up that reserve one day when she's 15 and I'm simply the stupidest thing Alex has ever know. 
Alex's birthday fell mid-week this year, so without hesitation,  I took the day off to celebrate her birth.  We celebrated in the morning with the preschool classmates, sharing songs and ice cream cups. I sat in one of the little chairs, watching my knees avoid my chin, negotiating at least 6 little conversations directed my way.  But all the time, I beamed with pride, letting my heart surf the swell of  love.  I thought "that's my girl" as I caught glances and monstrous hugs from her.

After school, I decided our celebration would entail a proper tea.  Our first tea together.  Just us girls.  I think about how much my mother would have loved to have joined us. Silly, but true.  Having high tea was just so Florence.

We dressed appropriately (me in a dress and Alex in her new sparkly Cinderella dress) and headed to Reynolds Tavern.  We ordered tea, finger  sandwiches, and scones.  

The room was filled with other ladies and the space buzzed with conversation, but Alex sat quietly fascinated, dropping cubes of sugar and pools of milk into the tea.  And she declared how much she loved Earl Grey at least 5 times.  That's my girl.

Sallie joined us too because it was special day. (however the phone was removed at one point because Sallie could not stop playing Word with Friends).

And when Alex stepped away from the table, the other ladies in the room made a fuss over her dress and realized that it was her birthday.  And next thing you know, this proper tea room boomed with voices singing "Happy Birthday" to her.  And that was just more pixie dust on top of our day.

Four years later, I still have these "pinch me" moment where I cannot believe that she's ours, that my heart has grown a thousand times, and that I am her mommy. I have learned more from this little person in 1,460 days than 30+ years on this earth ever taught me.  And I am mindfully aware and grateful every day that Alex is our child. Thank you God.

There's no denying it was a special day for us.  A birthday. A birth day.  Happy Birthday my sweetest bunny.

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The Salty Dogs said...

So glad the day was so special, and I am sure Florence was smiling. Do hold onto the four-year-old moments, but I have no doubt that you will be spotting flashes of that sweetness, imagination, and spirit for the rest of her life.